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Dr. Erich Wolley


1980 - National Award for Dental Research presented by National Academy of Estomotology of Mexico and the National Council of Science and Technology

1981- "las Plantes Medicinales con Uso Popular en Odontolgica",
(Popular Uses of Medicinal Plants in Dentistry)


Traditional Medicine "Popular Uses of Medicinal Plants in Dentistry"

Ano 1, No 3, Page 49-50 Mexico 1978

Modern Dentistry "Popular Uses of Medicinal Plants in Dentistry"

Vol VI, No6, page 14-31 June, July

Dental Practice "Emergency Medical Dental Practice"

As the referral dentist for the following embassies, patients in the clinic included the following dignitaries:

Ambassador General Consulate of France, M Guy Chanusset

Ambassador Italy, Sr Conrrado Burali

Ambassador Holland, Dhr K Boot

Ambassador Guatamala, Dr Julio Cesar Mendez Montenegro


Elective Fellow in Natural and Nutritional Dentistry Institute (FIND)
IAOMT (International Association Oral Medicine and Toxicology)

IAOMT (Mexican Liaison)

Mercury Free Dentists Association
Academy of Dentistry for the Handicapped
Oral Cancer Foundation
American Association for Dental Anthropology

Geriatric Dentistry


• Doctor Dental Surgeon DDS 1977
• Universidad Tecnologica de Mexico UNITEC 1974 1975
• Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico UNAM 1976 1977
• Oral Implantology 1977
• Osiris Implantorum Institute New York USA
• Clinical Oral Implantology trained by Dr's. Linkow, Judy and Weiss
• Dentist Anesthesiologist Bercks County PA. USA 1978-79
• Dentistry for the Handicapped Reading PA USA 1978-79
• Trained by Dr. Harry A. Kaniss
• Medical Residency in Anesthesiology and Pain Control

• Specialty Program - Hospital General de Ciudad Netzahualcoyothl
• Medical Anesthesiologist 1982-83 Mexico City MEXICO
• Radiology and Diagnostics Maxilo Facial 1982 Mexico City
• Master Imaging and Dento Maxilo Facial Diagnostics 1982 - now
• Mastership in Equipment Siemens Ortho-Phos, OP-5.OP-10 Yoshida
• KaycorC-10, Ultra, Mortita, Instrumentarium Imaging, Gendex, SS
• White, Plamenca, Quint Sectograph, Axia Tome Sterioss, Cranex -3
• Implant System Linkow 1977-1989
• Kyosera Carbon and Ceramic 1987-1989
• Implant System Sterioss, IMZ,Branemark,Fijo-Dent, Novel,
• Biological Dentistry elective fellow LA USA 2005
Institute Natural Dentistry
• Trained by Dr's. Victor Zeines, Margolis.Wolfe and Memoli


erich a wolley dds