Contact information:

Our clinic is a 5-10 minute drive from the San Diego CA/Mexico border (depending on traffic).

If you choose to drive, a map will be provided on this page. Should you choose to walk across the border and take a taxi--the taxis are waiting and charge approximately five (5) USD.

contact Dr. Wolley

Telephone (US-English)): 619-488-5863

01152-664-634-6600 (Mexico)

Should you experience any difficulty with these telephone numbers....please call 619-865-2203 (cell)


On the right  you will see an OFFICE DEPOT, turn right to CALLE JOSE MA.VELAZCO. Travel approximately one half of the distance of the street and turn right. Our clinic is a (new) gray building with underground parking. Parking spaces for visitors are #202 or #205. You may now take the elevator to the second floor, Suite 202.




You may park at the US/Mexico border, cost is $8.00. After parking, walk across the border to the taxi stand. Give the address to a taxi driver and you should arrive at the clinic in approximately 5-6 minutes.

If you choose to drive, please obtain a one day driving insurance policy for Mexico. (Normally US insurance does not include coverage in Mexico). Cross the Mexican border, drive over the bridge, and stay in the right lane. Exit via ZONA DEL RIO exit and continue to travel south. A circular "drive around" section with a statue in the center will soon appear. You will pass three of these "circular" intersections. The third and final statue will be Abraham Lincoln. Stay in the right lane through the intersection. Make sure you stay in the right lane. Go one block.